Fun Facts

Koala Facts – 10 Interesting Facts about Koalas  (

  1. Koalas Can Hold Food in Their Belly for Over 8 Days
  2. Koalas Really Love Only 30 of the 600 Varieties of Eucalyptus
  3. Koalas Sleep 20 Hours a Day
  4. Koalas Only Spend 15 Minutes a Day Hanging Out
  5. There Are 40 Compounds in the Chest Gland Secretions of Koalas
  6. Koalas Are Born Only 30 Days After They Are Conceived
  7. The Koala Was Discovered by Westerners in 1798
  8. Koala-like Animals Date Back Over 25 Million Years
  9. Koalas Were Extinct in South Australia by 1924
  10. Koalas Have 2 Opposable Thumbs


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