Planner Make Over

My project is done.  I just finish re-doing the make over of my Michael’s binder and it looks so much better to me.  It did not cost me anything to give my planner a make over.  I had all the supplies on hand and just used what I had.  Here are the supplies I used ( I did use double-sided tape too).

The decorative duck tape was from Dollar Tree and card stock from Wal-Mart.

Here is my finished planner now.  I am putting my Happy Planner pages into this one, so I can use a ring binder instead.   This only took about an hour or so to do.  Using duck tape is not an easy thing, but I made it work.

I am happy once again with my DIY project.  I’m not a crafter but I do the best with what I know.  Now to finish putting in the rest of the Happy Planner pages.

Next I want to work on are dividers for this.  Stay toned there is more to come.

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