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Hi guys, let me start with I did this and I am guilty. Yes, I was a junky buying lunch fool. I ate lunch out 5 days a week and thought this was the norm. Not sure what came over me but one date (when I matured) I realized how much money I was spending on my lunches.

I began doing some math and seen holy wow was I dumb. A daily lunch for me was average $7.00 then times that by 5 totals $35.00 a week. Now seeing this made me realize that I had to make lunch and take it to work.   If you have some children in diapers (like I did at this time) this equates to a pack to two of diapers.   So let me just do the break down for you and see if you felt like me at that time.


35.00 x 4 = $140.00 a month

$140.00 x 12 = $1,680.00 a year

My total will be double that as it was me and my husband so we spent:

$35.00 x 2 = $70.00 x 4 $280.00 a month

$280.00 x 12 = $3,360.00 a year

So do you see why I freaked out and absolutely had to change my ways.

You just have to take about 15 minutes a night and put something together. You can put a quick sandwich, some leftover from dinner that night or even buying those frozen entries from the freezer section at the store. It just takes commitment to want to save the money.


I know I have benefited from saving this money, so that is why I wanted to share this with you. You can do the same and enjoy the savings. I hope this helped as it did for me and my family.

Author: sledge258

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