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Buying in Bulk

When buying groceries buying it bulk will save you money. We are a family of four and it’s cheaper to buy a family pack of meat (which would be more than one meal for us) then to just buy a pack of chops that has 4 in the package.   When I buy bulk I will freeze and try to make more than one meal out of that pack of meat. I find that chops and chicken is the best for buying bulk to me. I pay one price but get two meals out of it. So here is the breakdown:

1 pack of chicken breast $8.50 to $9.00 (has 3 breasts)

A family pack has about 6 to 8 breast and cost about $13.00. I can usually get about 2 sometimes 3 depending on the dinner. So that adds up to be $4.30 if I am getting 3 meals and $6.50 if I get 2 meals. This will save me at least $2.00 which adds up.

Now this also applies to can goods, pastas or anything that has a long shelf life. Once you are stocked up you won’t need to shop as often hence saving you money.

I normally do pastas; can vegetables, gravy’s, cereal etc… Anything that I do use on a regular basis I try to buy those items in bulk. When buying in bulk you will need to have the room for it either in your food storage area and freezer.

I hope that this little tip helped, and gives you some ideas on how to save some money.

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