Daily Archives: February 10, 2018

Etsy Haul Collective

Hi Guys, I have some hauls from Etsy that I want to share with you.  There are three shops that I ordered from and all I would be a repeat customer.   Please go check these shops out as well as the videos I have on my channel.  There are also coupon codes for some so go subscribe to Tanya at Home and Ronda Del Boccio on YouTube for these codes.

This first Shop is BrandysShop on Etsy.  I have purchased several time from her and loved everything I got.





This is from a Tuesday Morning purchase I did from XoMamaPlans which you have seem me use several times.   Subscribe to Tanya At Home on YouTube to get a discount code for XoMama shop.



This shop is a newer shop for my but I have made several purchases from it already.  I really love the Mini Happy planner kits that she does.   Dominion Paper Co. is a great shop and you can get a discount code if you subscribe to Ronda Del Boccio YouTube channel.






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