Daily Archives: February 23, 2018

Money Saving Tip

I wanted to share another money-saving tip. I decided to make my own pinto beans instead of buying them by the can.

A can of pinto beans on sale is around .99. We use at least 2 cans a week making that 8 dollars a month if I am purchasing them at .99 cents a can.


I bought a bag of fresh pinto beans to cook.  A can of pinto bean is 15.5 ounces so I just rounded up and portioned them out to 2 cups per bag.

Now I paid $2.43 for this bag and I got 12 portions from it.   Making each portion about .25 cents each bag if I did my math right. Okay so .99 minus .25 equals to .74 cent savings per can, making that $6.00 per month savings.




Now if we do some math here you can see that by making the beans myself I saved almost 6 dollars for the month, but I also have enough for 2 or 3 months’ worth so that saving is about a $12.00 or more just for cooking the beans instead of buying them in a can. That is a lot of savings when making the beans yourself.


This does take time to cook and portion out the beans but I think the time is worth the savings. Also, the beans are fresh and no chemicals added because you did them and you know what is in the beans.



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