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Banana Pie for Dessert

Here is an easy recipe to make when you don’t know what to do with your bananas that are ripe.   This recipe don’t have many ingredients which is how I like it.   I found this on Pinterest and you can also find the pin under the Desserts board.

I love coming up with ideas so that food don’t get wasted.  This was fun to make as well very delicious.



Ready Made Pie Crust
1 box Banana Cream Pudding (3.4 oz)           IMG_3501
1 3/4 cup Milk
8 oz Cool Whip
3 Bananas


Preheat oven to 400.
Par bake crust for 10-15 minutes until golden brown. (directions are on pie crust package)
Allow to cool.
Slice 2 bananas and layer in bottom of crust.
Combine milk and pudding mix and whisk until thickened (about 2 minutes).
Fold in 2/3 of whipped topping.
Transfer to pie crust and chill for at least one hour.
Slice last banana.
Top with remain whipped topping and garnish with banana slices.


















original Source:  Cincy Shopper.com

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