Air Fryer Spanish Chicken Legs

Hi Guys, you all should know by now that I have a air fryer and I’m really enjoying using it.  I  have so many things that I want to share with you using the air fryer and this recipe is one of them.  Now I originally made this chicken by frying it in oil.  I am now going to show you what the air fryer does to the same recipe.  (The ingredients are below and the full recipe you can find on my site).

These chicken legs came out amazingly in the air fryer and my family just loved them.  We could not believe how crispy, tender, and juicy the chicken came out using the air fryer.  It tasted better than being fried in oil.  I will never fry chicken in oil again thanks to the air fryer.




1 tsp. adobo

1 tsp. garlic powder

1 tsp. onion powder

1 pk sazon

½ tsp. sazon complete

Non-stick spray or a sprayer bottle with oil


Using the chicken setting on the air fryer 370 for 20 minutes.  I cooked for them 10 more minutes on 370 for a total of 30 minutes turning them every 15 minutes.   Don’t these look so good.



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