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I'm a wife, mom, with a full time job. I love to cook, write and photography. These are my pasions in life. With a full time job my passions tend to get put on the back burner, but I am trying to change that. I wanted to start a blog so I can bring out all of my passions in one place.

Catching Up

This past week I have just been so busy with house work, work and family stuff.   I did sign up for Costco this past weekend as well.   there was so much there that I seen that would save us money and stock up to save money down the road.  This is going to help with our plan to aggressively pay down our debt.    If all goes well with this plan we should be debt free in 4 years.   This is also going to take restraint from going out and shopping at Michael’s.

The Very End

The day was going good until the end. I just hate days that end wrong. How was your day?

Quotes for Today

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”   Kushandwisdom Mahatma Gandhi”


“I am not what has happen to me.  I am what I choose to become.”   Carl Jung


“It’s not that I’m so smart, it just that I stay with problems longer.”  Albert Einstein

Coming up with a Plan

I have been on You Tube for most of the day just trying to get tips to save more money.  I am already doing good with saving money, but I am sure there are more ways to save than what I am already doing.   I am going to find a way to get rid of cable.  This is an expense that could be cut.  I love cable and so does my family, but the price is high for just to see the same programs everyday.  I am looking into some of these new streaming sites now, and maybe that will help reduce some money.  Also going to start doing bulk grocery shopping, and invest in a Food Saver machine.  These will also help me to cut some of our budget.   Once I can get this figured out, I am going to do a deep dive into paying down our bills, so we can take a vacation.

Also while doing this today I was making dinner and it came out great.  I made slow cooker red bean with white rice, and some Cajun pork chops on the side.  These bean are a keeper for sure. IMG_0863 The recipe for the beans I found on Pinterest. The link is below.

What I Made for Dinner

imageI made some broccoli soup that was really good.  It was easy to make and light on my budget (always like that).  My husband does love a good  cheesy broccoli soup, and this one past his inspection.  I have provided the link below, so you can try this cheesy broccoli soup too.   I am thinking about experimenting with different cheeses next time.


I made it to Friday.  This was a long painful week for me, omg nothing but work.

I hope everyone had a good week and maybe good weekend plans as well.    I think I’m just going to get a drink with my husband tonight to start my weekend.

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