BBQ Chicken Legs

This is one of my go to quick easy dinners.   They come out great every time.

2-3 lbs Chicken legs
BBQ (the brand you like)
1 tsp Garlic powder
1 tsp Onion powder
Salt and pepper to taste
Cooking spray

You can find the full recipe under main dishes.  img_0799

Lunches This Week

I took some time to make ahead some lunches for my husband and I.  It is so much easier to just have everything ready in the mornings before work.  I made a two different lunches for us, one is Anti pasta and the other the Tuna pasta salad.   We have put a sandwich with these or just some crackers.   These took no time at all to make.

Doesn’t this look good.

There are black olives, feta cheese, blue cheese, pepperoni, hard salami (cut up) and some cherry tomatoes.  I used Paul Newman’s Italian dressing on this as well.   He makes the best dressing.    With pasta salad it is a blank canvas that you can put what ever you like in it.


Planner Layout for This Week

The monthly planner sticker are from #Spots on Prints which can be found on Easy.  The rest of the stickers are from Dollar Tree and Target dollar spot and #Willow Fields on Easy.

I basically did a no white space spread this time.  I just had to as this is the week before Christmas and I was in the festive sprit.


How I Meet My Husband

It all started back in the year of 1999 when I started working for the company I’m at now. I did not notice this but I had someone watching me. Once day I went outside for lunch time to enjoy the warm air, and noticed that he was staring at me. Well this went on for some months before he had the courage to speak to me. Soon after that we were taking lunches together, going on walks during our lunch time it was just great. We then starting dating and we did that for about two years.   We both had been in relationships prior that was abusive and horrible, so we wanted to take our time and just see where things would lead to.   We discovered that our past paths were very similar, and our prior marriages very much alike as well. We also wanted to be sure that we both had the same views on life and topics we considered to be important between us.   We wanted to be sure this time.

May of 2003 we decided to go and get married. We decided just to have a small wedding like a City Hall one, but then came up with to run off to Las Vegas and get hitched. We got married at the Little White Chapel. It was a white church with a white picket fence around it. It was perfect for us.

So let me back up and tell you what happened before we did tie the knot. We took in as much of the sites that we could. We walked up and down the stripe, seen some shows, gambled a little and of course ate some really good food. The day that we had decided upon to get married was 5/16 but I believe our nerves and prior marriages got the better of us and we didn’t do it. Well the next day came and we knew we wanted to do this but again afraid, so we just let the day take us were is wanted. We walked the stripe some looking to see shops that did do weddings and just check out some prices, as well as what they had to offer.   We went in and out of several shops before the very last which was going to be our last for that day. Well this last shop was it. The very nice lady behind the counter just started pulling out wedding books to look at and invitations and so on.   We told her what we really wanted and in less than 10 minutes this lady had us signing some papers and paying the bill. Both my husband and I to this day don’t know how that happened but she got us exactly what we wanted for a good price. She had everything set up for us so all we had to do was changed our clothes and wait for the limo to pick us up.   By 8pm that night we were married at the Little White Chapel.

It has been 13 years of marriage which has had its ups and downs, but I would not want any other man for my husband.

Christmas Traditions

When the kids were small, Christmas tradition was you must eat breakfast before opening any presents up. This would absolutely make our children crazy when they were little. All they wanted to do was start opening their presents, without brushing their teeth and eating breakfast. Some Christmas morning my husband and I would make a big breakfast with pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage just to watch them scrum in their seats. We loved watching them hurry up to finish all their breakfast and then run to our Christmas tree. Once all the gifts were open, the kids would go play with their new toys and my husband and I would just relax. Well our kids are grown now which mean we no longer can make them eat breakfast before opening presents, or watch them play with their new toys, but the relaxing part is still happening.
Our traditional Christmas dinner is always done the Spanish way. Our children are part Spanish from our previous marriages, so we try giving them some of their heritage. Christmas dinner is either a ham or a picnic ham which is called Lechon in Spanish. The Lechon takes most of the day to cook so that is put on first thing in the morning when we make that. For Lechon you want to cook it low and slow so it will come out moist and mouthwatering. The sides are normally the same each year which would be red rice and Gondules, potato salad, and then if we remembered we would buy some pasteles. This is always something my family looks forward to every Christmas.
Do you have any traditions that you would like to share?

Texting and Driving

I get so mad when I see people on their phones texting and driving. Especially driving on Lake Shore DR you can see a lot of people driving with no hands and not even paying attention to the road in front of them. Do they just not care that they can hurt someone or themselves by texting and driving, or do they just not care and live has no value to them.
It is supposed to be the law that you cannot be on a cell phone when driving, but you couldn’t tell by seeing so many people do the opposite. It supposed to be against the law, but I haven’t seen anyone get pulled over for that reason. Why is that? There are more deaths each year due to people being on their cell phones texting while driving. I just don’t get the common sense people have these days. It’s just like they don’t know that what goes up will come down, (gravity). It’s like just aimlessly driving your 2 ton vehicle with no eyes on the road and hopes not to hit anything. Don’t you think that something could happen? I see it every day going to and from work how people carelessly drive. They cut you off, drive on your bumper; they just don’t give a dam. There is no regards for the next person on the road anymore. So if your eyes are not on the road watching what I see, then you are asking for an accident to happen. All it takes is a split second of not paying attention to the road and it could happen.

Weekly Planner Layout

My planner layout for week of 12/12 thru 12/18.  The planner stickers are from and Easy shop named #Spot on Prints these fit the Happy Planner great.  The decoration stickers are from #Willow Fields.  Go check out these shops on Etsy.  For the Charlie Brown and Snoopy these are from a Dollar Tree note pad.  The washi is from Michael’s.


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