Planner Stickers

I was thinking about making my own planner stickers for some time now. I did some research on how to make planner stickers, and what material would be need to make them.   It don’t take much, just a printer, sticker paper, and the designs you want to print. The reason for this research is I love me some Etsy planner stickers, and I notice that in the past 6 months I spent enough money to probably purchase one of those Silhouette machines. For anyone who does planners, and love Etsy planner stickers, you too might want to consider just making your own stickers. I bought more ink for my printer, and some Avery Project Sticker paper, so I am ready to start printing my own stickers. Even if I have to cut them out myself, I am still saving money, and this is fun to do. Who knows, maybe if I become good enough at this, I will open my own Etsy shop and sell your own stickers. That would be great to make some money for a hobby you like to do. I probably will still buy planner stickers from Etsy (maybe), but now I will save some money and won’t feel so guilty. (lol)


Bears VS Lions

We got some Bears tickets for today’s game, and my husband took our oldest daughter to the game.   She is a big Bears fan, and she was super-duper excited about being able to go to the Bears game today.   They have great seats near the Bears players.    I hope the Bears win this game for her and make Chicago proud of them Hehe.

Fun Facts

Koala Facts – 10 Interesting Facts about Koalas  (

  1. Koalas Can Hold Food in Their Belly for Over 8 Days
  2. Koalas Really Love Only 30 of the 600 Varieties of Eucalyptus
  3. Koalas Sleep 20 Hours a Day
  4. Koalas Only Spend 15 Minutes a Day Hanging Out
  5. There Are 40 Compounds in the Chest Gland Secretions of Koalas
  6. Koalas Are Born Only 30 Days After They Are Conceived
  7. The Koala Was Discovered by Westerners in 1798
  8. Koala-like Animals Date Back Over 25 Million Years
  9. Koalas Were Extinct in South Australia by 1924
  10. Koalas Have 2 Opposable Thumbs


Going Grocery Shopping

Don’t know about you but going grocery shopping is a dreadful task for me.   I mean, I just don’t like doing the shopping part. I love the meal planning and putting the whole list of groceries together, but actually having to go to the store, purchase the food,  nope don’t like that part at all. The only way I can tolerate shopping is if we go first thing in the morning when there are not a lot of people out, and I can get in and out of the store.

Putting my list together for our meals is normally done within 30 minutes. I write down meals that my family hasn’t had in a while that are also easy to make. I then go through my pantry and see what items I am low on or missing, and add those to my list.  We also have a small dry erase board on our fridge to keep track of items we are running out throughout the week to make it easier.  Then I go to the sale ads and see what is one sale. If I see that there are different meats on sale then what is on my list, I do try to change my meals to match up with what is on sale. Most of the time this is not a problem, as the meal I do make are normally not are too expensive.  I made a meal / grocery list from word and just print it out when needed. The meals are on the grocery list so I can reference back to them in case I might have missed an ingredient or (which I have done) don’t know why an ingredient is on my grocery list.  I find this method very convenient for me.   Once done with shopping I then will add these meal to my planner.  I do this so I can keep track of the meals we just had and then cross them off the list, and this also helps when planning for the next meals so as not to repeat them.




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