Daily Archives: November 17, 2016

Thanksgiving desserts

The most common dessert on Thanksgiving I would say is a pie. There are so many pies, but these I believe are the most popular. You have the “oh so good” apple pie, then the sweet potato pie, and let’s not forget the pumpkin pie. Now this list does go on and on with pecan pie, peach pie and whatever other fruit pie you can image to eat. You also have your cobblers, which is another comfort dessert that is made with several variations of fillings. For our desserts we normally just do the famous apple pie with some whip cream on top. However, this year we may stray a little with tradition. We are still going to have apple, but not in a pie form, and a strawberry cobbler. We made the strawberry cobbler before and this one was great so we are going to make it for Thanksgiving. I found the strawberry cobbler on YouTube I believe from #Iheartrecipes, and the apple dumplings was found on Pinterest. You can find the Pinterest one under my desert board.
What are your traditional Thanksgiving desserts?

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