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          Here is a good money-saving tip for you. Most of us love and drink coffee in the morning, afternoon and sometimes at night. Well the average cup of coffee maybe around 3.50 a cup which is not that bad right. However, if you are a coffee lover like me and drink more than one cup a day then this can put some wear and tear on your pocket.

     I used to buy my coffee every day before work, and didn’t think anything of it. It was convenient to do and it was just a $1.50 for a large cup.   I did this for some years and didn’t really put any thought into how much I was spending on coffee daily.

    Well I started to do the math on this and when I review how much I spent a week total it was $7.50 for one but wait my husband drank coffee too so this times two $15.00 a week. Then I did more math and then monthly it was $60.00. Now some may say that is not a lot but on a yearly basis $720.00 is spent. That is a lot if you ask me. I look at this like that is one car payment that I would have extra.

cup_of_coffee for blog

     It doesn’t take a lot to make your own coffee and bring it with you to work. A big can of coffee (not on sale) would cost about $8.00. This can of coffee will last you at least a month if not more. This will be saving you $52.00 a month. Wow don’t know about you, but I can get my nails done, buy another shirt, pants something for me.

     It takes a few minutes each night or morning to make coffee and in the long run you are saving money and feeling better about it too. I hope this helped someone as I too bought coffee but I since changed my ways and make my own.

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