Daily Archives: December 23, 2019

Crockpot Apple Pie Filling

Hi guys, here is an easy crockpot recipe for you.  I always want a apple pie for the holiday’s but never really have the time to make one from starch, so what I did was a semi-homemade pie.

I put together this apple pie filling that I thought my family would love and for time sake put it in the crockpot.  By using my crockpot I had time to do other things around the house.  To make this semi-homemade I used a store bought pie crust which made my life so easy.  All I had to do was pour the pie filling into the crust and bake.  How hard is that I ask.  Well, I hope you give this apple pie filling a try.

This is the video up on my channel Ruthycancook so go check it out.

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