I have been putting together this project to organize our family pictures, and it has been a slow process.  We have hundreds of pictures that have been taken over the years, that really need to have a proper show case, so hence this project.  I have watched several YouTube videos on this subject, as well as searched Pinterest for ideas to make our photo albums look great.

I have gotten most of the supplies that I think we ill need to begin this family photo album project going except for the actual photo albums.  These I am waiting to go on sale at Michaels so I can get a good price for them.  I want our family pictures to maybe tell a story or have some excitement to them, and not just have some pictures in a album.  I am going to guesstimate that it should take about 4 good days to get this done (I hope), or am I fooling myself?  It might be 4 days to just sort the pictures out huh.  I will keep you updated on how this project is going, and try to provide some snap shots of what we are doing and how it is looking.


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