Shopping for the Holiday

My husband and I did some shopping and looking through stores on Black Friday. I know our children are young adults, and dontbut we did not see anything on Black Friday’s sales that would make us go “but it now”. Another thing the stores were not full. I thought on Black Friday these stores would be jammed packed and there would be fighting going on, oh no not even close. The stores barely had anyone in them, and the news people try to say that it’s because more people shop online. That could be the case, but I doubt it. There are lots of people that shop online, but all of them? I think that less and less people are just not shopping due to lack of money. I know my husband and I put ourselves on a budget for Christmas, so maybe that is what the majority of shoppers are doing as well.
We’ve been watching the sales both in store and online. We did find some good deals online at Walmart for a few gifts our children wanted. We actually saved some money on them which is always what we try to do. We were able to get about 70 percent of our shopping done that Black Friday weekend. Of course I forgot to mention about the rude ass people that was out shopping. Like OMG can they be any more ignorant. Is it that hard to say excuse me, or sorry to bumping into you? I can go on and on about this so I won’t.
How is your Christmas shopping coming along?

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