Texting and Driving

I get so mad when I see people on their phones texting and driving. Especially driving on Lake Shore DR you can see a lot of people driving with no hands and not even paying attention to the road in front of them. Do they just not care that they can hurt someone or themselves by texting and driving, or do they just not care and live has no value to them.
It is supposed to be the law that you cannot be on a cell phone when driving, but you couldn’t tell by seeing so many people do the opposite. It supposed to be against the law, but I haven’t seen anyone get pulled over for that reason. Why is that? There are more deaths each year due to people being on their cell phones texting while driving. I just don’t get the common sense people have these days. It’s just like they don’t know that what goes up will come down, (gravity). It’s like just aimlessly driving your 2 ton vehicle with no eyes on the road and hopes not to hit anything. Don’t you think that something could happen? I see it every day going to and from work how people carelessly drive. They cut you off, drive on your bumper; they just don’t give a dam. There is no regards for the next person on the road anymore. So if your eyes are not on the road watching what I see, then you are asking for an accident to happen. All it takes is a split second of not paying attention to the road and it could happen.

Author: sledge258

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