Bulk Buying

This is something that can be a pro and con depending on the individual and their needs. I personally think that buying in bulk is a good thing for my family.

When it comes to bulk buying you tend to shop at whole sales places like Costco or Sam’s Club, which is great, places to buy in bulk. However, you do need to do a comparison with prices. Not all the time does these types of whole sales places have the best buys or prices, so beware and know your product prices.

I shop at Costco and get some great buys but again not all products are good deals and that is why I make sure to do my price comparison.

Sure there is a membership fee, but if you do the math you would save more money that year than the membership was.   Costco does give back money on the membership fee per the percentage you spend yearly, so if you can make back that membership fee plus some.   Who can argue with that type of logic?

When you are buying in bulk you have to remember that you are buying in quantity so the prices may be a slightly higher but that is when you need to do that math on the product. If the unit cost is more than what you can buy else where then it is not a deal. Only purchase what is a deal. Example: I bought 115-count name brand dishwasher soap for 13.00 dollars, and I normally pay 10.00 dollars for a 60 count that is 55 more washing for 3 more dollars. I think that is a great buy for a family of four.   You just have to know you prices and products in order to use these whole sales places. They are not bad places to shop as some might say.

For storage of items when buying in bulk can be tricky if you really don’t have the room for extra food, but you just have to find or make the room. I have to find the extra room when I purchase from Costco, and I will find a way to fit the extra items in as this is saving me money.   If you are buying meats you may want to also invent in a Food Saver machine. This will help keep the life of your meat to last a little longer. I have one and it is great. It was one of the best buys I did do last year.

You also have to consider the expiration date on these items you are purchasing. You want to make sure they have a long shelf life and don’t expire in a few months. If you were planning to use the items in that amount of time then it would be fine, but if not then you should reconsider that purchase.   You should only buy items that you know will not go to waste in a certain amount of time. You are not trying to throw you money in the trash.

When you do shop at wholesale places you may tend to want to go buck wild, but don’t   Just like any store set a budget and stick to it. These places can lure you in and make you spend more than you should I know.

Lastly, please just make sure to do your comparison-shopping first. You can and will find great deals at these kinds of wholesale places, but not all items are a great buy so do the math first per unit price and see if you can’t find that cheaper elsewhere.

I hope this helps you. This is what I do every time I go to Costco.

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