Daily Archives: June 10, 2017

Happy Mail Time

After a long day this is a happy time.  I do love getting me some happy mail.

I got 3 kits from #Adorably Amy Designs on Etsy and can’t wait to use them.  I love her tiny’s they work well for my Mini HP.


And of course I got some more #XO.MamaPlans.  Her personal size kits fits perfectly in my personal planner.  I also got some 2 dollar Tuesday from her as well.  With her 2 dollar Tuesday you get a Hawaii flower at the top of the sheet so you can put this on a 2 Tuesday reward card.  Once the card is filled you just send a pic of it to her and you will get a weekly kit worth $8.25.  That is so smart of her, so go check her shop out on Etsy.


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