Adobo (Home Made)

I have seen several people on YouTube make their own Adobo.  I have wanted to do this just didn’t have the time to research fully on how to make this as everyone has their own version.  I did find that Sweets and Beyond was the closest to how I felt I would make it, so I used her recipe as a guide.

When making this recipe my daughters and I discovered how much salt was in Adobo.  By making it ourselves we have omitted any of these things that are not good for us.

This is what we did for our Adobo. The below is measurements tripled, so you can reduce  them down if needed.


1 tbsp salt                                                IMG_1586

6 tsp garlic powder

6 tsp peppers (or to you taste)

6 tsp oregano

3 tsp turmeric


Measure all ingredients and put into a spice grinder and grind this mixture until it turns into granules.  Once all the spices are gridded put into a container for daily use.


We did taste the store-bought brand verse our home-made and you can taste the difference in freshness and salt.   After the seasonings are gridded you can see the similarities.



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