Safrito (Home Made)

We use safrito quite a bit in our home. I was making safrito years back but when the store starting selling it home-made I just starting buying it from the store.  It was convenient to do at that time.  Now I think its time to go back to making safrito myself and see if I can save any money in doing so.

It cost me about $9.27 to make this from scratch and I made 5 of the store containers I would buy.   It cost about $7.00 a month for 2 containers to buy this from the store.  So in making safrito myself I have 2 extra containers for free.  Not only did I have some money, but I have very fresh safrito now.  When buying this from the store I did not know when they made it, and there was a few times that the store-bought safrito didn’t last the week.


2 bunches of Culantro

15 Aji Dulce or sweet peppers       img_1581.jpg

3 medium onions

3 large green peppers

4 bunches of cilantro

1 cup of fresh garlic


Prep all ingredients to be ready to add to a food processor.

Peal and remove skin from garlic.  Remove seeds from green peppers and cut into chunks.  Remove stems from cilantro and discard then chop cilantro in half to put in the food processor.   Remove skin from onion and cut onion into chunks as well.  For the sweet pepper remove the stem and cut in half.  These don’t have many seeds so you can leave them in or remove them.  I did remove them for our safrito, but didn’t really need to.

In batches add in some of the ingredients until smooth.  You can leave it chunky if you prefer that way.   Do this step until ingredients are finished.



Store this in an air tight container, or mason jars.  You can freeze any of the safrito that you will not be using right away.  I normally just freeze for about a month but I do use a lot of this.




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