Easy Lunch Wraps

Hi Guys, I have another great idea for lunches.  This is something that is quick and easy to make in the mornings before work or anytime.  I am always looking for new ideas for lunches so that my husband and I can have different and tasty things to eat.

Now for me it is all about the wrap that is used.  I tried several wraps and none that I really cared to eat.  I came across this wrap that I didn’t try yet so that is why this lunch idea came to be.   I am using the Mission’s brand this time and let me tell you I love their wraps.  They are very flavorful and hold up very well.   I used two different wraps from them the Jalapeño Cheddar and the Spinach wrap and both I love.  The Jalapeño wrap has just a little kick to it but it add another element to the wrap and I love that.  The Spinach wrap also gives an added flavor and it is not overwhelming with spinach flavor which is great to me.   Below is what I did for these wraps so I hope you enjoy and give them a try.



2 slices of deli turkey meat

2 slices of deli roast beef

2 slices of deli ham meat

½ tsp mayo

½ tsp. mustard



Salt and pepper to taste

Jalapeno cheddar and Spinach wrap (I used Mission’s brand)



In a small bowl mix the mayo and mustard together and set aside.

Place wrap flat on counter and spread some of the mayo mustard spread on the wrap.

Then add the lettuce and tomato next.   Now start placing the deli meat down on top of the tomato until gone.

Rolling the wrap from side that is nearest you and folding in the side as you roll.  Do this until the wrap is completely rolled up.

Cut in half and serve with chips, salad or soup.


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