Planner Stickers

I was thinking about making my own planner stickers for some time now. I did some research on how to make planner stickers, and what material would be need to make them.   It don’t take much, just a printer, sticker paper, and the designs you want to print. The reason for this research is I love me some Etsy planner stickers, and I notice that in the past 6 months I spent enough money to probably purchase one of those Silhouette machines. For anyone who does planners, and love Etsy planner stickers, you too might want to consider just making your own stickers. I bought more ink for my printer, and some Avery Project Sticker paper, so I am ready to start printing my own stickers. Even if I have to cut them out myself, I am still saving money, and this is fun to do. Who knows, maybe if I become good enough at this, I will open my own Etsy shop and sell your own stickers. That would be great to make some money for a hobby you like to do. I probably will still buy planner stickers from Etsy (maybe), but now I will save some money and won’t feel so guilty. (lol)

Author: sledge258

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