Bulk freezer cooking

Freezer cooking can be a big task, but if you plan out your menu and what you need to do for each meal it is really not that bad. The key to bulk freezer cooking is being organized. Now you don’t have to cook for a month if you feel that is too much to take on at first. You can start with a week and then work your way up to where you feel is what works for you and your family.   I did do a month of freezer cooking and prepping and it was a task for me. My mistake was that I did the bulk cooking the same day I did the grocery shopping. This is a big do not do. You should do your groceries one day, and also get your kitchen ready for the big cooking day. This alleviates a lot of anxiety for bulk cooking.   The next day would be the day for cooking. This way does make is so much easier. I did both and the second way makes bulk cooking a breeze. Now, what I did was the night before the big cooking day, I made sure I had all my pots, pans, and anything else I would need for freezer cooking ready to go. I got my recipes all put together and organized them to which recipe would be first. Like I said this is all about being organized.

The day of you take out all the ingredients you are going to need for the meals you have planned and then again organize these items for each recipe.   If you have a lot to chop, dice, then try using your food processor for those if you have one. If not that is fine, just get to chopping. I had done this both ways with a processor and without. Either way was fine. I like the chopping of vegetables for some reason it is relaxing to me. I just cut up everything that needed to be chopped and set those ingredients aside. I believe this is the hardest part of bulk cooking is the chopping of the produce. Once this part is done you should now be able to assemble the meals and put them in a gallon size zip lock baggie. This is it to freezer cooking. If you are well organized this should only take a few hours. There is clean up afterwards, but what I did was try to clean as I went.

This is so helpful when all you have to do is just take out a meal and either put it in the slow cooker, or whatever way you are cooking it. I work full time and long hours, so this is my way of doing meals. I only do 2 weeks at a time which is what works for me, but I would recommend this to anyone who wants to put a quick meal on the table after you worked a long day.  I hope this was helpful for you and hope you try bulk freezer cooking.

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