Bacalaitos (Cod fish fritters)

There is nothing like some good Puerto Rican street food.  Bacalaitos is easy to make and so darn good.   I was always hunting down the food trucks to get these in my neighborhood , but now I know how to make them and can have them anytime I want.  I wanted to make sure when making these that it was the traditional Puerto Rican way.   I hope you try and enjoy these.


½ to 1 lb. Bacalo (cod-fish)

2 cups flour

1/1/2 cups water

1 tsp. baking powder

½ tbsp. Sazon con complete

1 envelope Sazon

Black pepper to taste

2 cloves of minced garlic


Put flour, baking powder, Sazon pack, and Sazon con complete in a bowl and combine well.

Add water to mixture. Add more water if needed. This should be like a pancake batter consistency

Put in Bacalo (cod-fish) and mix well. If more water is needed at this point add

Pre heat oil to fry

Pour a spoon full of batter into hot oil. The size of the fritter is up to you.

Fry to golden brown


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