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Easy Week Night Dinner

Hard shell taco’s is a very quick and easy dinner to put together.  The hardest thing would be cooking the meat.  It is versatile so what ever meat preference you like, toppings you like just make it your own.  This meal takes about 30 maybe less to put together.  The ground beef can be cook ahead of time so that is another time saver.  So please check this easy pesy recipe out.


Hard Shell Taco’s


Taco shells

2 or 3 packages of taco seasoning ( I only use McCormick)

Water (follow taco seasoning package directions)

2 or 3 lbs ground beef


Toppings: (whatever you like)




Sour cream



In a medium size pan cook the ground beef at a medium high heat.   While stirring meat break up any big pieces you may find. Cook ground beef until no longer pink.

Drain all the fat from the ground beef and place the meat back into the same pan.

Add in the seasoning packs along with the water per the directions on the taco seasoning package.

Stir the seasoning until well mixed into meat and cook ground beef for about 15 to 20 minutes to ensure all flavors are incorporated.

Serve in taco shell and any topping you like.

Note: you can also just put this on top of come corn chips and have nachos


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