Daily Archives: July 24, 2017

Pinterest Crock Pot Reviews

Recently we tried some crock pot recipes that I’ve seen all over Pinterest. Out of the three only one was good enough to try again with modifications.
Orange chicken – This didn’t task like orange chicken I know of. My family did not like this one. Just putting some ingredients into a pot isn’t always a good thing. This was missing so much and did not have anything I would relate it to Orange Chicken.
French onion chicken – This was a very big disappointment. With the ingredients for this I thought it would be like a French onion chicken dish. Nope this was not even close. When mixing the onion soup and sour cream it just tasted like cream of soup which did not taste very well. We ended up eating frozen pizza that night.
Sweet and sour chicken – This was a good recipe and this recipes taste was very close to what I thought it should be. The only changes I am going to make is to add more sweet and sour sauce and another can of pineapples. This one we will be having again.

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