Daily Archives: December 30, 2017

DIY Dividers for Personal Planner

Hi Guys, I wanted to share my new DIY project I did.  I needed to update the dividers for the 2018 personal planner because the old ones were just ok.  This took me a day to do only because I had to stop several times during this project, but I can now say that I am done.

I am not a crafty person,  but I do my best with my DIY projects and for the most part these I normally do a good job.  I love these new dividers I made.  They really stand out and state what month it is as oppose to just some plan drab colors that didn’t represent the month at all.  I hope you like and maybe get some ideas or even see that you don’t have to be crafty (like I am not) to make something nice by hand.






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