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Plan With Me Jan 29th – Feb 4th

I know this posting is a little late but I still wanted to share my week layouts with you.  I made videos for these as well and those will be posted within the next day, so you can head over to my channel and check those out as well.  the link is below for my YouTube channel.

My Channel: Ruthy’s Hangout

This kit is from Dominion Paper Co.  The link to her Etsy shop is below.

Dominion Paper Co


This kit is from XoMama.  You seen me use her kits before .  They are just so cute.  The shop link is below.

XoMama Plans



This is some left over from a collaboration that was done over last summer with the Plan With Design Group.   I wanted to finish this kit up and it looks pretty good.  Some unevenness but that is ok.


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