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Ice Tea (Cold and Refreshing)

Today’s national Ice Tea day and I am sharing my Sweet Ice Tea with you.  This is a family favorite and is not just made in the Summer.

This is so easy to make and you control how much sugar is in your Ice Tea drink.  I hope you make this and love it like we do.




10 cups water

8 tea bags (with tags removed)

1 cup sugar


Add 10 cups of water to a big pot on medium high heat and let the water almost come to a boil.

Add in the 8 tea bags with tags removed and put in the water.  Turn heat off and let the tea bags steep for 20 minutes.

Then remove the tea bags and put in the 1 cup of sugar and stir until all of the sugar is dissolved.

Place tea in a pitcher and refrigerate for a few hours or until tea is cold.

Serve over ice and a lemon wedge.



This is so refreshing on a hot Summer’s day.



Plan With Me June 11th – June 17th

Hi Guys, another week of planning is here.  This week is a special week as it is Father’s day weekend and it is also my Birthday, so June 17th is going to be a great amazing day here at my house.

I have videos for each of these planners on my YouTube channel.  The link is below.

YouTube Channel: Ruthy’s Hangout

For my Classic Happy Planner I used a kit from Nashs Print Work.  Her Etsy shop link is below.  It is all about the Sloth.  I just love Sloths they are so cute.

I am also apart of the Plan With Me Design Group on Youtube and Facebook, so follow me on my social media.

Etsy Shop: NashsPrintWork



For my Mini Happy planner I used a kit from Plan to Plan.  It was perfect for Father’s day I thought.  Her Etsy shop link is below.

Etsy Shop: PlantoPlan



Then for my Recollections Spiral I used some washi from Dollar Tree along with some stickers as well from Dollar Tree.  I think is came out really cute.  The colors are so happy to me.


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