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Easy Pigs N Blanket Breakfast

Hi guys, I have a quick and easy breakfast for you.  I know we are always on the go and just don’t have time to stop and easy some breakfast.  Well this is a solution that I am using so I can at least have something for breakfast.

This recipe is great for kids as well.  They will just love the mini pig in blanket and dipping it in some syrup.

As you know you can make this recipe your own by changing out the sausage to something your family will like.  You can also make homemade pancake batter if you choose.  I wanted an quick and easy solution so I just what would help me make it quick. I hope you like and enjoy.

There is a video up on my channel for this as well so go check it out and kit that subscribe button while you’re there.






1 box of pancake mix
Oil (per package directions)
Eggs (per package directions)
6 sausage links


Cook the sausage links until done and let cool.
Make the pancake mix per box directions and then pour into muffin pan filling only 1/4 of the way.
Cut the sausages in half and put a half into each muffin.
Put in oven and cook accordingly to the pancake box directions.
Let cool and put in containers to freeze or use for week.



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