Pico De Gallo

Hi guys, here is a very simple and quick recipe for you.  This is how I make Pico De Gallo and this is a recipe that my family really likes when I make.  We like putting Pico De Gallo on our tocos, rice, bean, and more.

I have have also make a video on this which is also on my channel Ruthycancook.  The link is below so go check out the video on this.  This take about 10 minutes to put together and is so much better than buying it from the store.  I hope you give this a try and let me know how you like.



2 jalapeño peppers
2 medium size tomatoes
1 medium onion

1 or 2 tbsp fresh cilantro

Dice the onion into small pieces along with the tomatoes.  Make sure to remove the seeds of the tomatoes.  These will cause the pico de Gallo to be watery.
Then dice up the jalapeño using gloves when doing so.  Remove seeds from jalapeño or if you like the heat keep some seeds in.

Put all ingredients into a bowl and give it a good mix.  Put in airtight container and keep in fridge for up to a week.


Check out my video on how to make Pico De Gallo.

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