Arroz con Gandules

This is my version of Arroz con Gandules.  I’ve been making this for over 10 years, and my family just loves it.  I learned how to cook Puerto Rican from my best friends growing up.  This is great with meat or just by itself.



1 8oz can tomato sauce    IMG_1337

1 pk of sazon

4 cups Goya medium grain rice

1 tsp adobo

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp onion powder

3 to 4 tbsp safrito

1 can of gandules (drained)



2 tbs oil


Measure out the rice to how many cups you need to use and put into a bowl. (We use 4 cups in my house.)

Take out a pot large enough to cook your rice in. I use a Caldero (I think that is what its called) The picture of the pot it below.


Put the oil in the pot with a medium to high heat. You want the oil to be hot when you put the rice in.

Now add in the tomato sauce, gandules, all of the seasonings, and safrito. Let this cook for about 3 to4 minutes

While the oil, beans, and seasoning are heating you need to wash the rice. Run water into the bowl that has rice and move the rice around with the water running to clean it. Then drain as much of the water out of the rice and repeat about 3 or 4 times. You want the water in the rice to be as clear as possible.

Now with the clean rice put this into the pan with the oil beans, and seasoning.  The oil may pop so be careful when adding in the rice. Then add in water on top of the rice. You want enough water to cover the rice with about ½ inch over. Add about 1 teaspoon or so of salt on top of the rice. Mix the rice mixture well. Taste the liquid to see if you want to add more salt. (I don’t measure the salt I just know by site.)

Cook this on medium high heat until majority of the water has evaporated.

Once the water is evaporated lower heat to low and put a lid on it. Let this cook for about 30 minutes or until rice is tender.

Now its ready to serve

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