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I often have to think about how will my children survive in this world we now live in. My husband and I have tried to raise our children not to judge other by color, race or religion, but in this world today that is all that is prevalent.

Growing up as “Generation X” makes me wonder how this world could change so much. It went from being family oriented and God-fearing to greed, hate and corruption. As a parent raising children how do I teach them now to avoid being like this world and be true to themselves when this world teaches the opposite?

Growing up I was taught to not see color and love thy neighbor. I was taught to be kind and respectful to others and my elders. You don’t see this today. Today you see our elderly being attached by today’s youth. Growing up men would hold the door open for a woman, but today they just slam the door on the woman.   I am not sure where the respect went or the kindness, but I keep asking myself will my children survive this world we live in now.

What changed from then to now? Did parents just give up teaching respect and manners to children?   Did families just stop being families due to both parents having to work? My children live in a household with both parents that work, and we still find the time and energy to keep our children respectful.

I see on a daily basis how this world is so cold. Everyday I see homeless people looking to find the next bit of food, but yet we have enough money and resources to go to the moon, create the next glamorous phone. Why can’t we just do what is needed among mankind?   Why would a child growing up in this world now want to help the next man? The only thing being taught now tis hat money is power and you are better than everyone else.

Growing up racism was very dominant. I’ve seen things that a child should not have seen. But as people today we say racism is not what it used to be. Racism is and even more so in today’s world.  Are we in denial? Do we not care to see what the truth is?   It makes me so sick to see the amount of hate we have for each other. Why does a person’s skin color matter? Why does the gender matter?   I fear for my family daily and have to pray that they will come home to me unharmed. Why do I have to do this??!!

I am from the “Generation X” and I am fighting to understand and wrap my brain around the why’s, of this world.   What is enough to a person? Do we really need to have million dollar homes, yachts, and what ever else comes with money?   Why is being greedy so much the “in” thing now? Why is hate the best word in our mouths?

Author: sledge258

I'm a wife, mom, with a full time job. I love to cook, write and photography. These are my pasions in life. With a full time job my passions tend to get put on the back burner, but I am trying to change that. I wanted to start a blog so I can bring out all of my passions in one place.

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