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Hi Guys, I wanted to share this that I learned throughout the years of trying to save money.  I hope you enjoy and hopefully this is helpful.

Name brand verse non name brand

Are you the kind of person that only buys products that have a big name on them? My husband is like that and I had to trick him several times before he seen that a non-name brand is just as good as name brand.

For example I shop at Aldi and there products are not all name brands. Just over the past few years did they start selling name brand products to name a few Hellman’s, and Kraft. Products like chicken or beef stock/broth at Aldi are less the price and it’s the same thing as the name brands out there. The same goes for their peanut butter. It’s less the price but same flavor as name brands. There are more examples from Aldi that I can give but you should go and find out for yourself. If you do want me to provide all the products I use from Aldi just let me know and I will put a list together.

Clothes are another item that you don’t have to buy something with a label on it for it to be good merchandise. Not all the non-name brands are bad, just do your research.   By not always looking over the non-name brands you will save money. If you have children this would save you money big time. Kids are costly to begin with but, trying to keep up with clothes for them can be challenging.   Children grow out of their clothes so quickly that you feel like you can’t keep up. I know I went through that and learned very quickly.

This goes for everything you purchase throughout your life. However, not to sound like a hypocrite but there are some items that I only buy name brand on, and this is due to trying all the non-name brands.   Bleach is one of several that I will not purchase unless its name brand as well as mayo, ketchup just to name a few.

Just to sum this up buying products are not name brands will save you money and that savings then can be passed to purchase those name brands you have to have like my favorite Coach. I love me some Coach purses.

I hope this made some sense and maybe helped with saving some money. I do this and save a lot which is why I can buy a Coach purse when I want.

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