Daily Archives: April 15, 2018

Plan With Me Week of April 16th – April 22nd

Another great week has passed and on to another.  This is my week layouts for my Happy Planner, Recollections Spiral planner, and Mini Happy planner.


For my Classic Happy planner I used a kit from Nashs Print Works.  The link to her shop is below, so go check her shop out.  She is always having great sales on her kits.




For my Mini Happy planner I used the remainder of the Brandys Shop kit I had from the previous week.  It worked out very nicely as you can see.  Brandys Shop link is below so go check her shop out on Etsy.




Finally for my Recollections Spiral I used a kit from Nashs Print Work as well.  I have a lot of her kits and this kit seem fitting for me this week.   Her shop link is above for my Happy planner.  The butterflies are from Dollar Tree and they are so pretty.


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