Daily Archives: April 29, 2018

A Full Moon

This is the view I seen last night from my porch.  Isn’t this such a glorious sight?

The moon is hiding amongst the trees.


The dark blue sky is very pretty.


I had to share this view with you.



Plan With Me for April 29th – May 6th

Hi guys,  this week for my plan with me I just kept it simple.  I didn’t get a chance to work on my Mini Happy planner this week due to a busy work week, but I did get two of my three planners done.    I am also part a the Plan With Design Group on YouTube and Face Book so go these the group out.  They are awesome people.

Both of these plan with me are on my YouTube channel Ruthy’s Hangout.  The link is below.

Ruthy’s Hangout

For my Classic Happy planner I use some paper I had on hand.    My menu planning section kind was a wack job but it worked for me.



For the Recollections Spiral I used a kit from Nashs print Work.  I love the colors it had on it and had to use it for this week.  Her shop link is below.




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