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Herb Day

Hello today is national Herb day and I want to celebrate it with you by sharing some sites that I found to be helpful with herb.   Using herbs is such a great way to make you meal taste amazing.  I especially love Parsley and Rosemary in my dishes.

The first web site if The Prudent Garden.com and they have amazing recipes and ideas for herbs.  The link is below so you can go and check them out as well.





Here is a recipe that is fun for the kids and easy to make.   I found this on Pickle Bums.com and the link to her web site is below so you too can check this site out.





Who don’t love mashed potatoes?  Here is a recipe using herbs in mashed potatoes.  I found this recipe on KJ and Company.com.  The link for the web site is below so you can get the recipe.

KJ and Company.com


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