Easy Lunch Idea Bacon Lettuce Wraps

Here is a recipe that I have been wanting to try.  This is so easy and inexpensive to make. You can get all of these ingredients from ALDI if that is where you shop.  I love the fact that not it is easy but healthy.

You get your protein and your vegetables as well.  I took this to work and it hit the spot at lunch time.  I also had some fruit on the side which made this a full lunch for me.  I prep for the whole week of lunches so the ingredients are a full work week of lunches.

My daughter tried this with turkey back and it was good as well.



1 package of bacon (or turkey bacon)

2 tomatoes sliced

1 head of lettuce


Wash the tomatoes and lettuce and set aside.

Cook the bacon until crisp and place on paper towel to remove any extra fat.

Take a leaf of lettuce and add in 2 slices of bacon and then your tomatoes.

Note:  you can also add some thin slices of red onion and some avocado as well.

Hope you enjoy




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